Sunday, February 15, 2004

sat testing and vday

Had a pretty good valentines day. went to an old college friend's place and fixed/repaired her computer. had quite a few worms and trojans running, got it cleaned up and running like a charm again!

Spent the evening with nyah, got pizza and beer and ice cream and watched a few movies. a nice chill v-day!

So far so good on the sat. testing, my bin's been up for quite sometime! Need to find a new project again, might do something with networking; perhaps more advanced networking using domains and etc. we'll see...

Gonna go get a 52" bigscreen today from my old boss, she got a new one and was going to throw out her old one. it needs repair which would cost like $300 or so, but i think my roommate and i are going to try to fix it ourselves. Once we get that bad boy going, our living room is going to pimped! Dolby Digital, 52" TV, and Sat?? oh yea!

gotta update my site again too, not sure what i'm goign to do though...

 also got the bigscreen tv today. haven't gotten it working, seems to be a problem with a relay on the main board somewhere, going to have to look into some schematics or service manuals. Didn't do too much, updated my BF1942 and desertcombat mod to the latest version .7, so far i like it..

hung out w/nyah and watched braveheart. i think dave sent down some hashing cuz my test bin was choppy until i cleaned my card twice and recloned my bin to the card.. boom, working again..
i'm hoping this bin i have will last for some time...

well, gotta work in morning, iike always, avoided a catastrophe at work, all the ports on our rs6000 were deactivated and wouldn't meant none of our locations would have had their info polled, NOT GOOD! glad nyah noticed something weird.. phew!! sleep well tonight!