Sunday, April 25, 2004

car pc project; the start


the newest project has begun, i'm doing the car pc project afterall.
i already got a lilliput 7" touchscreen lcd for my car. also purchased a cappucino gx1 minibook pc for my car (its like 6" x 7" x 3"), so super small. I'm planning on isntalling it into my center console and put my lcd in front my clock (hope that mount lets me adjust angle at will).

probably will need to do some drilling and cutting and modding of my car's console but gonna look for extras online incase i make a BAD mistake. hoping to have pc totally intergrated into car (nice clean, flush look) and also have a usb hub to connect gps and keyboard too..

we'll see! looks like the rmeoving of the dash and center console is cake work, i already have done half of that just to see how hard it is.. it isn't. :-)

updated one of my geocities sites with my car pc project and all...

MY Car PC Webpage Journal

if your bored (which you must be since your reading my blog! haha.. ) check it out..

otherwise you can learn to mod your xbox or backup dvds while your there..

Friday, April 09, 2004

refresh of xbox modding

well.. the weekend again.. not much new on this front.. a buddy of mine modded his xbox, gave him a few pointers and help with it.. it went pretty well for him, hardest part was flashing the bios initially..

sat testing going well, latest bin has been up and running for about 2 wks, thanks dartnip.. rumors are that dave's going to kill the hu stream soon.. :-( oh well.. off to dishnet.. hehe...

thinking about a new project for my car.. gonna use a laptop (might get one that has busted monitor..) and remove the monitor and use the base with teh drives and all as a computer and hook up an external monitor via s-video out.. might be the easiest car-puter (can use cig. lighter for power vs wiring directly to fuse box and also battery on laptop to use when car not running.. )

thats about all..