Monday, July 31, 2006

how to stream music from you pc to your phone..

this is a video blog of mine i did up since i figure i should share..

i have a tmo mda and have been streaming my music from winamp to my phone since day one.. i use Winamp and Shoutcast to stream the actual music... then i use The Core Pocket Media Player on my MDA to play the stream back.. i then use a winamp plugin called Browseamp, along w/my custom made skin to then control the shoutcast stream via my Pocket Internet Explorer! hehe.. its fun being a geek.. still trying to figure out how to do this via my tv and videos..


Saturday, July 29, 2006

random notes on mda updates and amd x2 cpus..

well, updated my rom on my mda w/tmobiles latest.. so far seems pretty stable.. had to run a few registry tweaks to get things back but now am where i was before.. so i did a full backup again....

anywho.. this week i should be getting my Athlon X2 3800+ and my K800i!! so excited!! but been reading about the X2 and found a blog w/some useful info for any users who also run Media Center and record tv..

the blog says to be sure to update your system drivers w/the latest AMD Athlon drivers from AMD... fixes probs.. also found a utility to help w/gaming slowdown w/the X2.. also on amd's site.. hopefully i'll see some good perf boosts in my photoshopping and video encoding.. :)

tmobile mda rom update, official 2.26!!

finally, tmobile got their arse in gear and updated the USA Tmo MDA rom version to 2.26... the prev version was so-so, i personally removed all sim locks and cid locks and updated to a Kjam rom since it was the latest at that time.. and it was much more stable..

so just waiting for my phone to recharge now so i can update.. prob will soft reset before customizations and install them manually since i hate the bloated stuff the carriers seem to add to the ext rom at times.. i like my rom/install to be clean and efficient.. less memory the better.. :)

prob will have to redo all of my app installs since i don't want to use my spb backup (registry settings might cause probs w/tmo's rom).. just will make a clean backup once i get everything configured.. nice to have those backups! hehe.. :)

Oh yea!! the Tmobile rom update fixes the prob w/the battery showing on the today screen and not the clock!! :)

hurray to tmobile on that!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vista Media Center, more geek purchases!

well.. was out on the web looking up some MCE related info and came across this blog..

matt is a program manager for MS on the Vista MCE project and posted some nice notes/updates/info on Vista and Media Center.. check it out if your a MCE or Vista Beta user...

decided to upgrade my cpu today.. found a great deal on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ at for only $156 shipped 2day fedex... :) should be a decent upgrade from my current Athlon 64 3000+ and will keep me happy till AM2 boards/processors come down in price...

my new K800i should be coming any day now, pretty excited for that to come.. hopefully get it before the weekend so i can do some theme creating and testing and playing!...

been selling the parts of my pals K750i over and just been hanging out there again since i got another Sony Ericsson phone.. some very knowledgeable peeps over there..

also discovered that my old PSP hangout site, , no longer exists?? weird... guess i have been out of the PSP scene for a while but still got my v1.50 psp.. :)

umm... i appear to be in need of a new project again.. never really got the video/tv streaming server going but also realized that i prob need tmobile to update their 3g data networks to UMTS.. EDGE usually gets me around 100kpbs to a max of 215kbps (on my sony vaio, using its WWAN connection) so their should be enough but i still get some major lag.. maybe its on my pc's up connection too.. hmmm... interesting....

well, thats about all for now!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

geekdom in paradise

well... decided to check out the Vaio VGN-T350P from work to bring home for the weekend.. heck, figured if i'm gonna get a Vaio VGN T series, better be sure i can get on the net from my parent's farm..

so i called up sony, got the unlock NCQ number and then unlocked the WWAN adapter so i can now use my Tmobile Sim card.. rebooted her and tried to get online, no signal. doh!

hmm.. went out on the porch, got 2 bars.. hell yea!! connect and realized i'm still getting EDGE and connecting at 216kb/s.. not too shabby out on the farm!! :)

so it looks that my recent new phone purchase, a sony ericsson K800i, isn't too bad of a purchase since i won't be able to get EDGE connections on it.. but if i get a VAIO w/the WWAN adapter, i can do my major surfing on the vaio vs my phone.. to me, GPRS is decent enough on a phone if i'm not trying to stream audio/video to it... but the good thing about the phone is that if Tmobile rolls out UMTS highspeed networks, i'll be ready to get onboard and get 1mb/s connections and do video calling from the start!

now i'm gonna have to call tmobile to see if they are able to send me a duplicate/cloned sim so i can leave that in my laptop and still get on line without switching sims all the time..

i'll post the results to those who might be interested... prob will involve some social hacking/being super nice to the rep to get what i want..

just a note to you geeks.. the best way to get what you need be it info, tools, repairs, anything.. just be nice to the reps you talk with.. the happier they are with you , the happier you'll be with the results... i should know.. i've done tech support over the phone for about 6 years now... and if your nice to me, i'll spend the whole day trying to get your pc up and going..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

latest cellphone splurge.. SE K800i..

well.. i've had my Tmobile MDA for about 5 months.. so you know what that means.. hehe.. upgrade time...

well, i've been eyeing a few of the new Sony Ericsson phones again.. i had a K750i (first 2mp camera phone) and loved it.. it was sleek and fast and had a very nice UI.. and it took pretty dang good pics for a cellphone..

so did some looking up and found info about the K800i/K790a (800i = international/3G, 790a = USA, EDGE).... and decided that the best place to get it one would be off a peep from those guys are great over there!

so i found meself a nice K800i for $400.. unlocked and new in box... so i did my splurge thing and went out and got it..

however, after reading more about it.. i realized its a 3G phone (UTMS) and not the EDGE one.. so what that means is i'll prob be back to GPRS data connections but possibly Tmo is going to be starting the rollout of UTMS 3G network later this year; so i'll be on 3G once they turn it on in Mpls, MN.. hopefully Mpls will be a test market so i can get on rightaway! hehe...

so a lil dumb of me but then again, this phone will be great up to 3G and then some.. plus, its ready for Video calling w/the camera on the front adn back.. and its a sweet ass phone!

here's a review, very through one that is, of the K800i

vista beta2, more notes, opinions, and driver status...

well.. been running vista pb2 for about a few weeks now on my main machine and have been having some good luck with it so far...

my prev experiences w/the vista betas were not so.... pleasant... the prev betas would take over 2 hours to install and never actual install.... if it did, vista would never make it past the login screen... i also attributed many of the problems with these betas to the beta device drivers from ATI...

however, the last beta 2 is going pretty smoothly so far... i was able to install my TV Tuner card by using XP MCE drivers; i was pretty amazed that i was able to get it to work!..

Speaking of Media Center, Vista's Media Center is much improved over the prev version.. the look of it is more refined and easier to use.. shows are grouped by either date or by show; also the grouping by show actually gives a nice thumbnail of the show and how many there are...

however, a few of the annoying/bugs/beta factors include; probs viewing TV Shows fullscreen, major issues trying to watch DVDs via Media Center.... i have not utilized the music or other options, but my FM tuner did show in Media Center also (a big shock since there were no beta drivers from Avermedia)... also, the way sharing is done and how you connect to various networks has changed quite a bit too...

setting up the IIS server was a bit of an adventure the first time.. however, my main prob was the fact that i installed a bunch of IIS console tools and thus complicated the process.. after several hours of trying to connect to it via my MDA and Pocket IE i got it live.. :)

overall, i'd say i'm back on the Vista wagon.... the previous betas were jokes.... or atleast they were in my opinion and exp...

an idea of what hardware i have to run the Vista Ultimate Edition beta 2:

CPU: Athlon 64 3000+ (skt 939)
Mobo: MSI RS480M2
Memory: 512mb x 2 PC3200
Vid Card: ATI Radeon X800 128mb pci-e
TV Tuner: Avermedia 150 MCE pci
HDs: 300GB, 250GB, 200GB all s-ata
Extras that work w/native Vista drivers:
-Logitech Gamepad Pro wireless controller
-Memory Card reader on Dell 24" monitor
-Logtech Wireless Keyboard/Mouse S510

Extras that worked w/XP,MCE drivers:
-MPLAY 202+ VFD display and remote (both drivers worked and software!)
-Canon CanoScan scanner (again used XP Prof driver and works fine in Vista)

Extras/Peripherials that did not work w/drivers:
-Logitech Quickcam Orbit webcam

The main problems that i can forsee w/Vista will be the same as when XP was released.. device driver updates... hopefully manufacturers/software vendors start creating Vista ready drivers so there won't be a problem when vista is released as a final build.... cuz we all hate not being able to use a peripherial we paid for... :)

thats all for now!... i still prefer to use my Windows XP MCE 2005 as my main os.. even though Aero is prettier.. :P

Thursday, July 06, 2006

tech lusting.. ultra-compact laptops..

well.. at work we had these two SUPER portable sony vaio laptops..

after playing around with it.. i was in love! damn it.. i mean, sure.. its tiny.. but for me its perfect! at home i have my main desktop situation figured out, 24" widescreen and 15" lcds and all my entertainment needs at my finger tips (tv, radio, video, audio)... so i really don't need a super fast laptop or a super huge lcd on it either.. right now i got a crappy ole 400mhz dell i use for on the road....

so the sony vaio vgn-tx750p/b is perfect! the ones at work are the vgn-t350.. but basically the same thing... 11.1" lcd, dvd+r/rw DL burner, 5.1 dolby sound, less than 3lbs w/battery, 4-7.5hr battery life.. oh yea, it has 802.11b/g, wired lan, bt, WAN (cellular wireless, cingular is the default carrier), ir... yea.. i really want one.. :P would be perfect for my commute on the train and when i head to parents..

we'll see if my sony insider can hook me up.. she's a hotty too! :P

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

media, my way!

well... i'm a true believer in technology and its use to make my own life easier... and up till about 3 years ago, was not a believer in network tv or just tv generally... i hated commercials and it made it so hard to keep up with a series when your in college and partying!.. hehe...

then... the PVR/DVR era took its first steps.. Tivo was unleashed to the mainstream and got fave reviews.. of course, homebrewers/diyers could always make their own PVR/DVR computer box using either linux or win flavors... i of course went the route of windows.. since my linux skills are not that great and i really have no need for a box just running linux and tv... a waste of a good pc imo.. (of course if i was running a webserver on it then that would be a whole diff story.. linux + webserver = solid!)

since that time period of first starting out in the PVR/DVR world (also about the same time that 'dave' killed the hu stream.. coincidence? perhaps.. :P ), i've probably tried or demo'd every piece of windows pvr/dvr software available.. you name it... i have installed and used it for a day (on the windows platform that is..)..

however, my two faves still remain to be SageTV and good ole MS's Windows XP MCE 2005 and now Vista.. of the two, MCE / Vista still rule as champ in my book due to MCE/Vistas integration of the tv recording into the os itself.. its pretty streamlined and uses very low resources..

and it looks pretty good too!..

anywho.. back onto topic.. as for the last 3 years.. well, they've been all prelude to my final project goal.. ability to take my media anywhere...

my latest cellphone actually completes this project by being finally able to sync w/my pc and convert tv shows to it for viewing.. and also its EDGE connection and ability to then stream my whole music library over shoutcast to my mda's TCPMP... oh yea, did i mention its on demand? that i also have a webpage setup w/browseamp to add songs to the playlist, change songs on cue, even download the song to the pc i am listening to it on.. the only missing piece is video on demand serving.. for me its not too feasible since the realist network bandwidth i get on my phone is usually about 100kbps and i'd prob need that size stream to get a decent picture..

but maybe later this year when speeds increase, i'll get back into my vod server project.. hmm.. i might be able to use my pc version of a video server and apply it to mobile file types/stream types.. hmmm.... perhaps a new guide...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

catching up... (2yrs worth!)

well.. i haven't used my blogger account as much as my other blogs.. but anywho..

been using the latest Vista beta 2 build and am much impressed over the previous betas... the installer actual installs on my system, versus hanging for 3 hours and then crashing..

been able to use a few XP drivers for a few devices that do not have vista drivers (MPlay 202+ VFD display, Canon Scanner, and my tv tuner card avermedia mce 150).. ran into a few probs though finding a software dvd player that would work smoothly on vista; resorted to using WinDVD 7... so far no complaints, might be a stable and feature filled enough build for me to switch from PowerDVD to WinDVD now.. the Trimension DNM feature is pretty sweet.. almost makes my movies seem like they are in HD on my 24" widescreen...

also decided while i was in a beta mode to install office 2007 beta too... figure, my work is going to be upgrading to Vista and Office once they are officially released and i believe we are planning a full office upgrade at that same time... so heck, never hurts to be ahead of the mainstream.. plus, i did the same w/XP and i've been very XP-savvy since day one... :P

was thinking about getting into trying to create my own sidebar for Vista but not sure what type of coding i need to learn... and i'm lazy that way!

as for latest news..

my sites have been moved to a full domain... the guys over at gave me the subdomain after publishing a ton of good computer recipes.. so far my site has been a total success.. well, in getting traffic.. got over 100,000 unique hits last year and this year am on pace to double if not triple that..!

upgraded my system a few times and am thinking about doing another full rebuild soon.. just waiting for AM2 socket boards to go down in price and more cpus to come out....

also got a new digital camera, Sony Cybershot DSC-T9 in nice stealth black.. so far its working great! fast shutter time, hardly any lag, and very clear photos.. and its tiny too...

back to my vista testing/playing.. finally got my webserver running again.. the main prob i had was caused by windows firewall blocking the outgoing 80 port.. once i opened that port up i was able to get to my site w/no probs!