Sunday, July 02, 2006

catching up... (2yrs worth!)

well.. i haven't used my blogger account as much as my other blogs.. but anywho..

been using the latest Vista beta 2 build and am much impressed over the previous betas... the installer actual installs on my system, versus hanging for 3 hours and then crashing..

been able to use a few XP drivers for a few devices that do not have vista drivers (MPlay 202+ VFD display, Canon Scanner, and my tv tuner card avermedia mce 150).. ran into a few probs though finding a software dvd player that would work smoothly on vista; resorted to using WinDVD 7... so far no complaints, might be a stable and feature filled enough build for me to switch from PowerDVD to WinDVD now.. the Trimension DNM feature is pretty sweet.. almost makes my movies seem like they are in HD on my 24" widescreen...

also decided while i was in a beta mode to install office 2007 beta too... figure, my work is going to be upgrading to Vista and Office once they are officially released and i believe we are planning a full office upgrade at that same time... so heck, never hurts to be ahead of the mainstream.. plus, i did the same w/XP and i've been very XP-savvy since day one... :P

was thinking about getting into trying to create my own sidebar for Vista but not sure what type of coding i need to learn... and i'm lazy that way!

as for latest news..

my sites have been moved to a full domain... the guys over at gave me the subdomain after publishing a ton of good computer recipes.. so far my site has been a total success.. well, in getting traffic.. got over 100,000 unique hits last year and this year am on pace to double if not triple that..!

upgraded my system a few times and am thinking about doing another full rebuild soon.. just waiting for AM2 socket boards to go down in price and more cpus to come out....

also got a new digital camera, Sony Cybershot DSC-T9 in nice stealth black.. so far its working great! fast shutter time, hardly any lag, and very clear photos.. and its tiny too...

back to my vista testing/playing.. finally got my webserver running again.. the main prob i had was caused by windows firewall blocking the outgoing 80 port.. once i opened that port up i was able to get to my site w/no probs!