Saturday, July 22, 2006

geekdom in paradise

well... decided to check out the Vaio VGN-T350P from work to bring home for the weekend.. heck, figured if i'm gonna get a Vaio VGN T series, better be sure i can get on the net from my parent's farm..

so i called up sony, got the unlock NCQ number and then unlocked the WWAN adapter so i can now use my Tmobile Sim card.. rebooted her and tried to get online, no signal. doh!

hmm.. went out on the porch, got 2 bars.. hell yea!! connect and realized i'm still getting EDGE and connecting at 216kb/s.. not too shabby out on the farm!! :)

so it looks that my recent new phone purchase, a sony ericsson K800i, isn't too bad of a purchase since i won't be able to get EDGE connections on it.. but if i get a VAIO w/the WWAN adapter, i can do my major surfing on the vaio vs my phone.. to me, GPRS is decent enough on a phone if i'm not trying to stream audio/video to it... but the good thing about the phone is that if Tmobile rolls out UMTS highspeed networks, i'll be ready to get onboard and get 1mb/s connections and do video calling from the start!

now i'm gonna have to call tmobile to see if they are able to send me a duplicate/cloned sim so i can leave that in my laptop and still get on line without switching sims all the time..

i'll post the results to those who might be interested... prob will involve some social hacking/being super nice to the rep to get what i want..

just a note to you geeks.. the best way to get what you need be it info, tools, repairs, anything.. just be nice to the reps you talk with.. the happier they are with you , the happier you'll be with the results... i should know.. i've done tech support over the phone for about 6 years now... and if your nice to me, i'll spend the whole day trying to get your pc up and going..