Wednesday, July 19, 2006

latest cellphone splurge.. SE K800i..

well.. i've had my Tmobile MDA for about 5 months.. so you know what that means.. hehe.. upgrade time...

well, i've been eyeing a few of the new Sony Ericsson phones again.. i had a K750i (first 2mp camera phone) and loved it.. it was sleek and fast and had a very nice UI.. and it took pretty dang good pics for a cellphone..

so did some looking up and found info about the K800i/K790a (800i = international/3G, 790a = USA, EDGE).... and decided that the best place to get it one would be off a peep from those guys are great over there!

so i found meself a nice K800i for $400.. unlocked and new in box... so i did my splurge thing and went out and got it..

however, after reading more about it.. i realized its a 3G phone (UTMS) and not the EDGE one.. so what that means is i'll prob be back to GPRS data connections but possibly Tmo is going to be starting the rollout of UTMS 3G network later this year; so i'll be on 3G once they turn it on in Mpls, MN.. hopefully Mpls will be a test market so i can get on rightaway! hehe...

so a lil dumb of me but then again, this phone will be great up to 3G and then some.. plus, its ready for Video calling w/the camera on the front adn back.. and its a sweet ass phone!

here's a review, very through one that is, of the K800i