Thursday, July 06, 2006

tech lusting.. ultra-compact laptops..

well.. at work we had these two SUPER portable sony vaio laptops..

after playing around with it.. i was in love! damn it.. i mean, sure.. its tiny.. but for me its perfect! at home i have my main desktop situation figured out, 24" widescreen and 15" lcds and all my entertainment needs at my finger tips (tv, radio, video, audio)... so i really don't need a super fast laptop or a super huge lcd on it either.. right now i got a crappy ole 400mhz dell i use for on the road....

so the sony vaio vgn-tx750p/b is perfect! the ones at work are the vgn-t350.. but basically the same thing... 11.1" lcd, dvd+r/rw DL burner, 5.1 dolby sound, less than 3lbs w/battery, 4-7.5hr battery life.. oh yea, it has 802.11b/g, wired lan, bt, WAN (cellular wireless, cingular is the default carrier), ir... yea.. i really want one.. :P would be perfect for my commute on the train and when i head to parents..

we'll see if my sony insider can hook me up.. she's a hotty too! :P