Saturday, July 29, 2006

tmobile mda rom update, official 2.26!!

finally, tmobile got their arse in gear and updated the USA Tmo MDA rom version to 2.26... the prev version was so-so, i personally removed all sim locks and cid locks and updated to a Kjam rom since it was the latest at that time.. and it was much more stable..

so just waiting for my phone to recharge now so i can update.. prob will soft reset before customizations and install them manually since i hate the bloated stuff the carriers seem to add to the ext rom at times.. i like my rom/install to be clean and efficient.. less memory the better.. :)

prob will have to redo all of my app installs since i don't want to use my spb backup (registry settings might cause probs w/tmo's rom).. just will make a clean backup once i get everything configured.. nice to have those backups! hehe.. :)

Oh yea!! the Tmobile rom update fixes the prob w/the battery showing on the today screen and not the clock!! :)

hurray to tmobile on that!