Wednesday, July 19, 2006

vista beta2, more notes, opinions, and driver status...

well.. been running vista pb2 for about a few weeks now on my main machine and have been having some good luck with it so far...

my prev experiences w/the vista betas were not so.... pleasant... the prev betas would take over 2 hours to install and never actual install.... if it did, vista would never make it past the login screen... i also attributed many of the problems with these betas to the beta device drivers from ATI...

however, the last beta 2 is going pretty smoothly so far... i was able to install my TV Tuner card by using XP MCE drivers; i was pretty amazed that i was able to get it to work!..

Speaking of Media Center, Vista's Media Center is much improved over the prev version.. the look of it is more refined and easier to use.. shows are grouped by either date or by show; also the grouping by show actually gives a nice thumbnail of the show and how many there are...

however, a few of the annoying/bugs/beta factors include; probs viewing TV Shows fullscreen, major issues trying to watch DVDs via Media Center.... i have not utilized the music or other options, but my FM tuner did show in Media Center also (a big shock since there were no beta drivers from Avermedia)... also, the way sharing is done and how you connect to various networks has changed quite a bit too...

setting up the IIS server was a bit of an adventure the first time.. however, my main prob was the fact that i installed a bunch of IIS console tools and thus complicated the process.. after several hours of trying to connect to it via my MDA and Pocket IE i got it live.. :)

overall, i'd say i'm back on the Vista wagon.... the previous betas were jokes.... or atleast they were in my opinion and exp...

an idea of what hardware i have to run the Vista Ultimate Edition beta 2:

CPU: Athlon 64 3000+ (skt 939)
Mobo: MSI RS480M2
Memory: 512mb x 2 PC3200
Vid Card: ATI Radeon X800 128mb pci-e
TV Tuner: Avermedia 150 MCE pci
HDs: 300GB, 250GB, 200GB all s-ata
Extras that work w/native Vista drivers:
-Logitech Gamepad Pro wireless controller
-Memory Card reader on Dell 24" monitor
-Logtech Wireless Keyboard/Mouse S510

Extras that worked w/XP,MCE drivers:
-MPLAY 202+ VFD display and remote (both drivers worked and software!)
-Canon CanoScan scanner (again used XP Prof driver and works fine in Vista)

Extras/Peripherials that did not work w/drivers:
-Logitech Quickcam Orbit webcam

The main problems that i can forsee w/Vista will be the same as when XP was released.. device driver updates... hopefully manufacturers/software vendors start creating Vista ready drivers so there won't be a problem when vista is released as a final build.... cuz we all hate not being able to use a peripherial we paid for... :)

thats all for now!... i still prefer to use my Windows XP MCE 2005 as my main os.. even though Aero is prettier.. :P