Saturday, August 05, 2006

declines in pdas w/o cellular connectivity = duh!

well, was out reading some news today (like most days) and ran across an article on yahoo about the decline in sales of handheld computers (being ones that can sync to a desktop but lack cellular/telephony capabilities)..

yahoo news article

and i'd have to say a big DUH! pda's w/o cell connectivity are big wastes of time imo.. unless they can somehow integrate Windows Media Center portable OS into a pda that also can run Windows Mobile, i don't see this niche of the market ever growing again.. eventually, this niche will be squeezed out of the market all together...

still never realized why MS didn't add more PIM features into the Media Center device os.. or even wiif connectivity (use as an extender w/main pc mce 2005)..

just my thoughts.. peace