Tuesday, August 08, 2006

K800i vs jimmy; round 1: k800i, round 2: jimmy!!!

well.. its been freaking over 13 business days since paying for my k800i and nothing to report.. decided paypal dispute was in order since you have to within 45 days.. so was a bit bummed out that my funds are prob gonna be tied up in the system for awhile until i get a resolution or my phone shows up.. hopefully the latter of the two..

but decided to splurge again, and got another K800i off ebay.. called the guy after i bought it and scheduled overnight delivery, got my tracking order 3 minutes later and bam! i'm gonna have my baby after all! hehe.. too bad it took only 2 purchases.. man.. thats like a $800+ phone.. anywho.. it better be sweet! guess atleast now i have all of my accessories and screen protector..

btw, the M2 memory sticks for this phone are TINY!
check it out.. a penny, 1gb m2, 1g miniSD, 1gb Duo, and MS adapter for ref.. man, got like 3 gigs in change.. hehe.