Tuesday, August 01, 2006

my first dual core (amd x2)

well.. still no phone.. :( but did a cheapy mini upgrade to my main htpc system.... added a new AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+

not a huge upgrade but i figure its big enough to help me get by till i decide to really upgrade to a new tower system again....
(been doing the HTPC form-factor for about the last 14 months now, been through about 8 different cases include the Antec Sonat and Nmedia HTPC100 cases)

so install took me a whopping 10minutes (amazing how after you do 13 system builds in 3 months for pals, how easy a cpu upgrade is.. :) )

anywho.. fired her up and booted into vista and then xp mce2005.. in mce2005, uninstalled my prev athlon 64 driver from amd, rebooted, installed the new athlon 64 drivers (include X2 support/fixes, was a prob i prev mentioned w/tv recording and skipping/freezing probs).. then installed the AMD Dual Core Optimizing tool..

so the first test... an easy multi-tasking job: running 3 active IE windows and the latest Intervideo WinDVD playing my newsradio dvd w/TrimensionDNM and no hardware acceleration.. dvd plays in background on my main screen w/no hitches, also plays on my 2nd lcd fullscreen overlay styled w/o any freezing/stuttering.. :)

so far so good! :)

open up outlook 2003, dvd still playing w/o any stuttering.. lets see how big we can go? hehe... load up photoshop now too, just a minor delay when it hits the plugins loading but after program loads back to normal.. did wallpaper making, still no stutters.. so that was a total of: 3 ie windows running cnn and google searches and blogging here, windvd w/trimensionsDNM on, photoshop cs2 photo edits/wallpaper creation, and finally outlook 2003 open in the background checking mail..

so.. i'm hella statisfied!! lets me work the way i can w/o any lagging anymore... of course i need to still upgrade to about 4GB of memory and get my scsi 1000rpm drive in.. then she'll fly for cheap.. hehe..

aiy.. just my AMD Athlon X2 64 experience thus far.. i'm excited to see how it helps w/my video/audio encoding times.. i do a ton of that lately and might get my system back to creating my tv portal so i can watch it on the go..