Saturday, August 05, 2006

my hd breakdown, the first entry...

well.. i broke down and got an ATI HDTV All-in-wonder pci card.. was only $69 after rebate.. figured, it'd be nice to see how it works and looks and so far i don't know of anyone that has HD either.. and i get the full 1080i signal (if the OTA signal is strong enough...

hopefully i can run both my analog and digital tv through it w/o my other tv tuner.. now i almost have enough extra parts for another system.. :) might just replace the tivo in living room w/my current htpc and then upgrade to a tower in my room... we'll see what funds look like coming up..

a few notes about vista and the ati hdtv wonder install can be noted here..

basically just use native Vista drivers and it should be good to go! i guess i'll find out.. :)

also, this site lets you kinda calculate what OTA HD channels you can get by address.