Sunday, September 17, 2006

allegiences lost, back to the big N again.. ds-styled

ds lite 

well... i've been VERY closely following almost anything thats related to Nintendo's latest console, the Wii (pronounced we )... and have been pretty dissatisfied w/my Sony PSP and Sony in general (in the gaming realm that is, still a phone/camera fanboy.. hehe..) so i said the heck w/them and put the PSP on the dock and went out to gamestop and got a shiny new Onyx DS Lite (gotta match w/all my other toys!)....

at gamestop at the Mall of America (live like 10minutes from it.. ), was talking w/the store manager as i was buying it and ended up not getting Brain Age (used copy was not in), and got the New Super Mario and Phoenix Wright..

the latter game i had never heard of but the manager gave it HUGE raves and also mentioned that they got only 2 copies of it since its been released and had one left on reserve (guess a worker there put it on reserve a month ago but never bought it).. so we'll see how that is.. i figure its a fitting game for me since its a lawyer/trial/courtroom based one.. 2 of my pals are going to law school next year so hell, gotta have something to talk about eh? hehe..

also put down $5 to pre-order Children of Mana.. :) so pumped for a new mana game!!! i still play secret of mana and secret of mana 2 on my psp using an snes emulator.. realized that i am going to be using my DS Lite for actual real games and my PSP for emulation/homebrew and also the occasional 'backup'.. hehe.. i've tried every PSP game so far and have yet to really be psyched or addicted to.. however, Children of Mana might do that and Final Fantasy 3 (original 3, not the USA FF3 we got.. that was actually FF5 i believe..)..

so far, i love the look the DS Lite. very smooth! hopefully we do see a black Wii, cuz i white would just offset my whole decor/color scheme.. hehe.. oh well.. i guess ying and yang (wii/ds)...

off to the new mario!! looks pretty fun.. :)