Tuesday, September 26, 2006

DS lite hacking.. flashing.. and other obscene gestures :D

well.. finally got my superpass key and supercard minisd for my ds lite in! hehe..

been reading up on it for a while now and realized i was overanalyzing how it works! very easy.. just run my homebrew through the nds homebrew patcher and voila! DS Lite ready!..

first thing i did was to flash my DS Lite's firmware using Flashme.. that way i don't need to carry my SuperPass Key around to use it.. plan to keep my phoenix wright in the slot to have w/me or brain age..

flashing went well. .prob the easiest firmware flash of any device i've done.. xbox mod chips being the hardest (back before cromwell.. good ole winLPC.. ).. took only a few minutes, 15 seconds to actually flash it..

found a few public domain roms and ran them through the supercard app and loaded up on my 1gb miniSD card.. popped er in and loaded fine... foudn out the supercard miniSD has built in emulators for NES, GB, and SMS.. so i threw a few NES roms on and played fine..

so far i'm pretty happy w/my investment.. also can now add the DS Lite to my ever growing list of hacked/modded devices.. hehe.. i guess you could say i have a dream handheld gaming setup w/my PSP on v1.50 firmware and my DS Lite w/SuperCard.. hehe..

anywho.. off to bed for me.. not so sure if my guide for the DS lite will be as indepth as i originally thought.. might be just a here's what the SuperCard is and how the UI looks.. (two things that took me a bit to figure out and actually having the supercard to see)..

and finally.. just some quick website stats.. i love stats.. hehe..

hoping to hit over 200,000 unique visitors this year.. or the goal.. :)

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