Monday, September 18, 2006

DS Lite homebrew, my first time..

well.. went out and did a side job of setting up a home theater system for a co-worker and got some extra cash for it.. so i went out and splurged on a few DS games (Big Brain and Mario Kart DS) and decided to check my paypal account and what do you know! all of my money from the whole non-shipped phone was back in my account!

sweet!! guess my bank must have pressured paypal or the user got money in is account.. anywho.. w/that extra cash, figured i'd get myself a nice batch of DS lite addons and also started looking into the homebrew scene..

after finally figuring out a combo of what i needed to get homebrew to work, bought a SuperCard Mini-SD and Superkey combo for my ds.. didn't want the latest cuz it uses Micro SD memory vs mini sd that i have... (the SuperCard Lite = micro sd, remember that!)

so once i get that all figured out, i'll add a section to the site on homebrew.. got a bit lazy recently sorry for no updates..