Tuesday, September 12, 2006

random hd and mce 2005 tips, more nintendo thoughts..

well.. i've come across a few random tips/tricks to solving mce2005 and hdtv problems..

my latest encounter came this last week.. for some reason i was getting a nice full green bar signal on 6 hd channels but each of them would fade in and out... i tried to resetup my antenna and relocate, still got full bars and the in and out tv.. :(

finally, decided i'd do a defrag since i do a lot of recording.. whoa, super fragged! did the defrag, hdtv shows are smooth as butter! decided i might try the mce2005 option "Optimization" to basically defrag each day at 4am.. so we'll see if i have probs w/it like i did in vista beta 2 (fixed in the latest RC1)..

also, if you run a widescreen lcd like me, use the zoom feature to stretch those non widescreen format media to full screen.. mce does a pretty good job of keeping aspect ratio w/the zoom..

but ya gotta love that football in hd! can't wait to hook up my wii to my lcd.. figure i'll use components (if they offer that on the wii, might have to check) on my lcd and just s-video in the living room (small enough to just unplug and move and replug.. and its mainly wireless, grab the bar..)

might be getting an onyx ds lite tomorrow. we'll see.. almost might wait till the big anouncement on friday by the 3 press events setup.. plus, children of mana doesn't come out till nov.. hmm.. gonna have some major gaming coming up here soon!