Wednesday, September 20, 2006

random tech notes, blurbs...

well.. me and my damn toys! haha...

anywho, pretty pumped to get my SuperCard SD and SuperPasskey for my DS Lite... always a fan of hacking/modding my toys... think i finally got a good grasp on how homebrew works and all... i also plan on updating the firmware on the DS Lite via FlashMe so i don't need the SuperPasskey to run homebrew..

was having a few nasty probs w/my system earlier in the week.. good ole BSOD and IRQ_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL errors.. finally uninstalled my HDTV Tuner card, and voila! system finally booted alll the way to the desktop..

decided to reinstall the HDTV card; seems fine. also decided to see if maybe the power management option i set in my BIOS was part of the problem or not so changed a few options there.. guess, i'll see if it fixed it or not....

gonna be selling my Tmobile MDA phone since i really don't use it much at all and that way i don't have to have the $20 a month data plan, can go back to the $7 unlimited tzones.... so that will save me over $156 a year (if i don't get another PDA phone soon..)...

got a pretty busy weekend already planned.. helping a friend redo her Macbook Pro.. or maybe its an older one.. anywho, has OS X Jaguar on it and she really wants to get OS X Tiger going and we also plan on setting up a much better partition setup too.. only downfall is that i will need to transfer all of the files to my pc via my network..

umm.. prob end up having a few peeps over sat night too... nothing like some Drinking Jenga.. :)

well, hopefully i start to get my new DS Lite accessories:
-Crystal Clear Case
-Sony Fontopia headphones (really only bought them for the 1meter ext cord it comes with, i own 2 pair of Fontopia headphones but they were for the W800i and W810i phones so did not come w/that ext cord)
-12 DS cases
-and of course my homebrew kit