Friday, September 29, 2006

screw you mce!! i'm going hd dvr..

well.. lately been having some freakish weird things going on w/my pc and more importantly w/MCE2005.. lately its been missing recordings and having errors w/my ati hdtv tuner.. so i've missed the premiere of heroes and a few other good ones.. arggh!!! also missed The Office (good thing i got that tivo series 1 out in the living room as my backup, no service but works as a nice digital vcr.. hehe.. )

anywho.. a few of my pals at work just all got hd tvs (a plasma for one, crt projector for cheap for another, and a dlp for the third) and they finally all got HD service.. and man, they are so stoked about HD.. nothing compares.. and after having a tiny taste of hd w/my pc.. i gave in... add onto that the probs w/mce2005 and me wanting to just go back to XP Prof made me call up timewarner (soon to be comcast) and order up HD service along w/DVR.. heck, even upgraded to digital and hd (i was on just plain old analog up till now.. got a raise at work so that goes to my monthly hd..)... got a promo for the first 3 mos so it only bumped my bill $10... but then it goes to more like $26 more a month.. by then, it will be past xmas and i can decide if i want to go back to just analog or what not (which i seriously doubt.. )..

who knows, maybe w/my xmas bonus, i'll get me a HD Tv.. hehe.. would go nicely w/my upcoming wii and possible ps3 (if i don't sell one, given i can even get a preorder.. ).. we'll see..

but gonna get my box tomorrow and hook er up to my dell 24".. plus, now i finally can use those component inputs on my monitor and have pip w/pc and tv..

oh yea.. :)

figured out the ds homebrew thing.. got er down like gravy.. geek out...