Tuesday, October 24, 2006

k800i fixing, site updates

well.. after thinking i had sold my K800i FINALLY to a person, found out when he got it, it would not turn on and the irda would just blink at him.. so had him send back and did some major research.. seems that many K800i users have had this problem.. and the problem seems to be pointed to a bad EROM..

most people get this fixed by sending back to SE and then after a few weeks getting it back..however, i found out on http://howardforum.com that you can fix it just by using the wotanserver client.. it will update the EROM when you connect your phone (hold 2 and 5 vs the C button)..

so, after getting phone back, updated EROM via wotanserver and now working fine! might end up trading this phone for a W810i since i've found a person who was interested...

also updated my site w/this info on the K800i incase other people where having problems finding a fix for it (took me a while to track down the thread at hofo )

well, back to getting healthier, damn you flu/cold!!!!

aiy.. might do a full/complete rehaul of my site soon.. we shall see!!