Sunday, October 29, 2006

picasa and web albums, nice!

For the longest time, i could never find a decent photo organizing application.  Most of them were memory hogs and had limited options and web integration.

Google's Picasa changes all of this.  I've been using Picasa since they released it and must say each update that google adds is always a bonus!  the most recent feature add-on is the integration of web albums into picasa.  So if you have a gmail account (who doesn't! if you need one, i can send you a referal) and use picasa you can instantly upload pictures from Picasa to your Picasa web album.

Also, there is the nice collage options, slideshow, basic photo editing/red-eye removal, and blogger integration.

In my opinion, Picasa is so far the best photo organizer i've used and the best part again is that its FREE!  so go try out Picasa, head over here.