Sunday, November 19, 2006

mii and my wii! (update 3)

update 3:

well, the last update before i call it a day.. been playing zelda most of the day and must say its a blast. the whole wii-mote and nunchuk controller scheme is pretty fresh and new.  also tested out the email sending/receiving functionality and it seems to be pretty simple and basic. your wi''s email address is just w+(your wii friend code) (ie; not a real code!).   Anywho, if any other Wii owners wanna add me as a friend and vice versa, drop me a message or reply and i'll gladly add ya!  peace! thus the wii launch day has concluded..

my target ticket, #30!

update 2:

seems nintendo's site was getting hit w/some major traffic this morning, esp around 8:20am, hehe.   just got back from getting Madden 07 from Gamestop and man, those poor guys must be exhausted after the PS3 and Wii midnight launches. so far madden is pretty cool; a definite change for the good.  i'm still in love w/Wii Sports, pretty fun.  also had to download Mario 64, just cuz its mario 64 and i did get a classic controller for a reason. anywho back to zelda!

update 1:

so after playing w/my wii for about 2 hours now, here are a few quick initial impressions i got!

-man, the Wii is TINY! and you trully get everything you need to set it up, wii sports included!
-ease of setup is pure cake, no parent should have any probs w/it.
-wifi again was easy to setup too, if you've setup wifi before on a laptop, you should not have any probs at all
-using the wii-mote: the first game of tennis was AWESOME! i just had a cheesy grin on my face while i returned a lob w/some nice topspin! bowling was very fun too, got the same type of score i'd get when i bowl in real-life (118 haha!). i'm pretty pumped to get a few pals over to play some drinking wii-sports (good thing i got the protection plans on the system and my wii-motes).
-zelda: only 20 minutes into but so far i can tell that its going to be an epic type game not a boring normal adventure. graphics are what i expected, nothing like a PS3 or X360 but gets the job done.
-wii interface: i really like the wii's interface so far. i have not noticed any slowness in the wifi connection or downloading so far (in comparison to the vids on yesterday). made me a mii, that was way too fun for what it was. hehe.

so i'd say, yes i am glad i waited at 6am today and the initial impressions have met my expectations. and add onto that a SMOOTH launch at Target and i'm super happy! Target did a great job, again i must give props where due. Lined us up inside, let you choose your games/accessories (tons of each title), and pay for it and get a warranty plan if you want and out the door! took me a whole 10mins from the doors opening at 8am to me walking out w/that cheesy grin you see on xmas day when you got something you really wanted! :P back to zelda!!

well, i went out to target by the southdale mall and got in line. target out tickets to us at 7am and within 10 mins all 69 units were sold!!

target did a GREAT job in keeping people in the know of what and how it was going to go down. after wii all got our tickets, everyone made a mad dash for hot beverages/coffee and returned at 8am. i was lucky enough to get in line and got the 5th one!! also got an extra nunchuck controller, classic controller, and Zelda!!!!!!

my wii!!

now its off to unboxing and some playing! prob will pick up my madden 07 later today at gamestop.