Tuesday, November 14, 2006

more google mobile goodies!

yea, i admit it. i've been in love w/google since day one. however, the best part about google is its 'we can do it all' mentality.

i've already highlighted one google application, Picasa, as a top personal pick of mine.  today i'd like to bring to those uninformed mobile users of a few great google mobile apps (run/installed on the java midlet interfaces, so your phone needs to support java)

google currently offers 4 mobile applications, you can easily download them by visiting googles mobile page (http://www.google.com/mobile/) and then sending a link via text message to your phone to bring you to the portal (can it get any easier???).  the 4 applications include: Search, Maps, Gmail and News.

i've personally have used google maps (used to be google local, and was originally created by a freelance programmer; might have even been a sidekick alpha app if i remember correctly) and it keeps getting better.  google maps lets you: view a map of a location/zoom, get directions (turn by turn), view traffic, view hybrid maps, zoom, and add bookmarks to your favorite spots/directions.  its a great app if you are ever on the run and in need of some directions or a map.

the latest one i just started using is gmail. its a standalone java gmail client for your mobile. yes, you can check your gmail on any phone's wap browser, but the standalone client is nice since its faster and feature packed. you get all of the features you have when you use a PC web browser to check your gmail (views, options, conversations, attachments).

try them out if you have a phone thats been bought in the last 5 years and a data plan (remember, these apps use data and some carriers charge a ton for going over data limits if you don't already have unlimited data)! 

these are seamonkey approved apps! Google Maps and Gmail (mobile versions).