Monday, November 27, 2006

more wii-experiences and minor gripes

well, in the last wiik i've seen more of my friends than i have in the last month! haha. some heard i got my wii others were just swinging over to say hi. anywho, so far everyone's who has played has enjoyed it; from Wii sports to Rayman to Madden.  my friends range from 2 mid twenty females (techie though), a hardcore gamer (FPS), madden junkie, total non-gamer/hippie, and retired farmers.

not a bad mix eh? i'd say that so far the Wii is living up to its hype.  however, after having a wii for over a wiik, i've come up with a list of things i'd like to see nintendo update/change with their next system update.

 -ability to exit to the menu from gamecube games w/out having to reset on the console (decided to go and get zelda wind waker since it looked pretty kewl for the gcn and of course have super smash bros melee enroute for party night!).

-MORE VC games! come on! look at your library (er... glances away from 2000+ rom folder... )  you have some great titles i'd love to see.  like Chrono Trigger (a game i'd love to see remade anyday, still play this on my PSP and DS Lite via homebrew), Mario Allstars, MarioKart, and while we're on a mario binge, Mario Golf 64, and a ton of the other awesome titles that others want say Toe Jam and Earl? i never played it on the Genesis but always wanted to (i got a SMS instead of NES initially back in the day and then a SNES).

-Ability to save settings for the Slideshow in the Picture Channel

-Ability to use loaded mp3s on SD Cards as background music in games like Wii Sports or even as bg music on the menu screen.

-Finally, i really want to see how the browser looks/works and if it can do multimedia (stream music, video, etc).  the wii's setup seems to be the viable way of any current console to do browsing minus of course the PS3's USB abilities/Linux (but you still can't sit and point at the screen.. :P )

but nonetheless i still love her..  oh yea.. on monday i woke up and went into my Mii Parade and look what i see.. Fidel Castro hanging out, added him to my Mii's.. decided i'd make good ole Mr T and Bill Clinton, so say hi to them if you see them in your parade.. :P

also, checked out my game time this first week and i've averaged about 7-8 hours a day, up to 10:23 when i was at my parents. no wonder my batteries died in both remotes yesterday. gotta love those recharables!  and i'm still holding off on playing my zelda and madden till i get my LCD in (this wed, so EXCITED!)