Monday, November 20, 2006

my wii and my friends..

i love having mondays off.

especially mondays i have a brand new wii console and zelda waiting for me to get to!

so, decided i would head over to my pals place and see what the PS3 looked like.  he said he had picked up Resistance and already had Marvel Ultimate Alliance; so i was pretty curious to see how purty they both looked on his 1080p plasma.  on the phone though, he asked if i could bring over my wii and i was like hell yea, finally someone to play with! (haha, sounds bad eh? but my other pals were off drinking it up while i was in the gaming mood)

i headed over to his place, about a 20 minute drive and also had to stop at Target to pick up a nice Wii branded carrybag (very small, kind of a bag i was looking for to bring to work and put my DS and PSP in while i travel yet i didn't want the 'man bag' look ;)  ).  got over there and first thing he asked was if he could hook up the wii and take for a test drive.

we got her hooked up to his 42" plasma, wall mounted (which so far seems to be the best way to play the wii; walllmounted tv/plasma/lcd).  boy, zelda looks much better on a nice tv (i still have yet to upgrade my TV to an HDTV, but i'm thinking post-xmas is sounding good).  after a few minutes of peeking at zelda, we threw in Wii Sports and had a total blast with it.  my pals loved the boxing and tennis the most, while i'm still in love with bowling.  they were very excited about the Wii and kept asking me if they could get one soon and where.  almost too much fun, like a bunch of kids getting our first NES back in the day. ahh.. the memories.

so about 3 hours later, i'm starting to get my Zelda itch and decide to head out.  after getting home, i realized that i still have not played his PS3 or seen it. :(   maybe next time, if i don't bring over the wii..   (yes, i'm now a nintendo fanboy.. but remember i'm many fanboys! even a sony one in regards to cellphones/cameras, just not consoles anymore)

and yes, i promise this is the last wii blog unless its a hack or newsworthy.. :)  wii play..  two final pics for ya.. wii size comparison to a cd case and my wii launch gear...

wii vs a cd case = tiny console indeed

mii and my wii stuff