Thursday, November 16, 2006

PS3/Wii.. its so close i can taste the greed and bitterness already.. :)

t-minus 11 hours and counting for prob one of the most anticipated and yet disappointing console launches in video game history.  i say disappointing not in reference to the console itself, but more to the way Sony has handled this launch (did anyone not learn anything from the x360 launch last year??).

was cruising by my best buy last night and already saw over 20 tents lined up outside on the grass.  mind you, i live in mn and it gets to be around 20 degrees fahrenheit at night! no console is worth the risk of frostbite imo; plus, don't people understand that there are probably only going to be, if lucky, a dozen units available for purchase.  called the target by my place and they also had the same thing going on; people camped out for the PS3 release tomorrow morning, and i also verified that they will be selling the Wii on launch day.

i tell ya; lately any major launch has really brought out the people and the greed.  i do not ever remember any previous console (from prev generations) creating so much hype, anticipation, and greed.   but then again maybe that was because the big players weren't behind in production and didn't believe in the "small supply = great demand = great hype" mentality. 

my pal confirmed that he will be getting his PS3 via Gamestop (hopefully that is the case, i'll be uploading some screenshots tomorrow night if he does get it!!).  i also went out last night and pre-orderded my Madden 07 and Zelda for the Wii.  i'm thinking that no matter what i'm going to be waiting outside of the target at 5am to be sure to get a Wii (sure would be a shame to have 2 games but no system. hehe..)

been surfing my usual gaming blog sites and its seems the PS3 launch may be one of the most violent launches in history of video games.  1,000s lined up outside of Sony Style in San Fran?? dang!!!   and it seems this pattern is happening everywhere a PS3 is going to be sold.  however, i did go by my local walmart and noticed that there was not a SINGLE person waiting. hmmm... could i maybe get a PS3 afterall? doubtful but ya never know?

so.. to those of you that do get a PS3, i'd recommend going out and getting a lottery ticket; seems like winning the lottery almost has better odds this week! :)

mii, well, i'll hopefully be unpacking my Wii at 8am on Sunday morning! i'll post pics/vids that morning and prob give a quick review of Wii Sports, Madden 07, and Zelda (given they all make it by the weekend to my mailbox!)