Monday, November 13, 2006

the approach of next-gen launches...

well, the USA launches of the PS3 and Wii linger so very very close!!  we are under a week before we will see both in the wild. Nov 17 = PS3, Nov 19=Wii. however, good luck getting a PS3!!

it seems that Gamestop has cut their first batch numbers in half, meaning that if your #4 or higher on the pre-order list you prob won't have a PS3 on launch day.  now that is big disappointment for most, especially those suckers who waited for hours in crappy weather for a preorder.  so i guess sony is living up to my expectations.. (sound of ball dropping..) 

however, to me the Wii is really what i've been waiting for and its seeming like i should be able to get one. i plan on camping out at my target on launch day (i think they are getting them on launch. hmmm.. might have to verify this).  i even took off mon and tues to play, hehe. so i guess i better get one and zelda looks like a blast!  i do admit that the PS3 games look so purty but what is the gameplay going to be like, same old thing but just a visual upgrade?  hopefully my pal's PS3 pre-order goes through and i get to see first hand on launch. 

well, back to enjoying some room service out here in DC. :)  gotta say that those sprint evdo cards rule and i'm still in love with my work sony vaio vgn-t350p! hehe.  i've been out in DC the last 5 days helping w/an office move. me and a few co-workers are helping w/the pc hookups and all that good stuff.  its amazing how a project can seem like its a total failure and then 3 days later its like it went just as planned.  amazing indeed!   can't wait to get back to minneapolis though. just realized how technological our city is; for example i saw an ambulance rushing through traffic and when it got to the stop lights, they didn't change and there were no blinking light at the intersection warning of an emergency vehicle.  in minneapolis, when an emergency vehicle approaches a stoplight the light will automatically change and then a light on the light will blink warning of the vehicle and the lights in the path of the vehicle in turn will change stopping cross traffic.  and no taxis in DC take credit cards, whats up with that?  however, i have had some of the best food in a while (morton porterhouse steak = pure delight) and the weather has been pretty good (70s and 60s).

well, off to bed; these 14+ hour days are killer! :)