Thursday, November 23, 2006

the parents, the farm and 28k dialup..

well, another thanksgiving has come and gone.  i love thanksgiving the fullness it brings, hehe. we had a great family dinner w/the classic mn dishes; turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, coleslaw, and pumpkin pie and peacon pie. mmmmm!

while at home with the parents and like most who own a Wii thought 'what a great time to see how the Wii goes w/the genre that nintendo was seeking out to (non gamers)'.

woke up on thur and had a cup  a coffee and then decided i'd break out the wii! my sister was home (she and i used to play our SNES religously but after the SNES she kind of got out of gaming) for thanksgiving too (she's 26).  my parents are retired farmers and really have never played any video games since the Atari 2600 era. Popped in Wii sports (totally forgot to bring zelda and madden, kicking self for forgetting zelda!!!) and asked my sis if she wanted to bowl a game or two.  i handed her the remote.  at first she had a few probs getting used to using the wii-mote as pointer and the A and B button placements but once she was comfortable with them she was having a blast!

hmm, 1/1 on the wii so far. next up, my pops (a 66yr old farmer!). he used to be a big bowler but really can't anymore since he had hip replacement surgery a while back. again, gave him a quickie run through on using it and in no time he was picking up spares and trash talking me on my missed spares! haha, that was awesome seeing! 2/2

next thing we know our guests for thanksgiving have arrived, my great aunt and uncle  my dad (who was still playing bowling) told my great uncle to try out bowling.  so gave him a run through on it and after a few frames they were off playing my wii like a bunch of kids, 3/3. wow, nintendo seems to initially have a winner on its hand and is doing what they wanted; penetrating the non-gamer market.  before i headed up to my old room, my dad asked me how hard it was to turn on the wii and get it going since he wanted to play in the morning. what? excuse me? hehe, wow amazing how addicting it was, oh yea my mom also really enjoyed it too, however it took her a few frames to get down bowling.

however, one must still ask though; will wii all be sick of or bored w/our wii's in a few months? will the novelty wear off?  or will the gameplay/controller layout keep us coming back?  the next few months should answer those questions.

here's what i think nintendo needs to do:  keep working the party type games and games that have not ever been put on consoles because there was no intuitive way to control them.  for example, how about a classic outdoor Wii sports?? throw in some horse-shoes, shuffleboard, croquet, and maybe lawn darts or even disc golf??? hmmmm, yes nintendo might have a winner on their hands indeed. i'm very excited to see what other games/genres that are tapped w/the new control layout.

btw, my dad is the first person i know to receive his first wii-lated injury; he caught his hand on our stove while bowling.  :)

i'll post vids of the non-gamers having a blast later this weekend. once i get back to highspeed!!! i tell you, 28k dialup kind of sucks. :( but thanks to johnny's google reader tip ( i've been able to check my news/blogs at ease on dialup.

btw, here's a quick personal note about me most would not expect; i grew up on a farm and farmed as a kid until college.  :P

peace and have a safe and fun holiday! and remember...

always strap your wii-mote on!