Tuesday, November 21, 2006

wii friend codes and photo channel and random wii clips.. :)

ok, i lied. my wii posts prob will not stop until i get bored with it and hopefully that won't be soon! :)

 been in the mood to try to track down some peeps to add to my friend list but really have no pals w/the Wii yet. :( however, after some searching online found a pretty good Wii Friend Code club at http://1up.com, here's a link to the page: http://officalwiifriendcodes-club.1up.com

figure it might be fun to have my mii's running around on other peoples consoles, made most of my friends already and am going to have them tweak their mii's when they play.  put in a nice 2 hours in wii sports. i swear the boxing game is going to get me back into shape again; its tiring if you go all out! my pals were sweating it up yesterday boxing it out.

put a few more hours into zelda, and realized that whoa its been a while since i've played a game w/puzzles and required thinking (usually play mainly racing games lately).  however, i'm REALLY fiending for a new TV now.  playing madden 07 w/my pal was hard on my crappy 24", i could barely read the play names and so on.  hopefully i score a good HDTV coming up on Black Friday.  we'll see how that goes though.

decided to fire up the photo channel and put some photos on my SD Card; pretty plain jane type features. could be pretty neat to have a nice slideshow of HD ready photos w/some background mp3s.  here's a vid of it i took.


 oh yea, Quinn sent me a link to a funny as heck comic (but sadly resembles the launch attitudes!) from http://xkcd.com/c186.html


here's another funny clip on youtube.. hilarious! guy in wii-mote costume goes by a PS3 line. :P