Saturday, November 25, 2006

wii sports and non-gamers (videos)

well, as previously blogged, here are the vids of my sis, mom and dad playing some wii sports and bowling.

man! my dad was seriously addicted to bowling (since he can't bowl in real-life due to a hip replacement).  he was kicking my ass! won 20/25 games, doh! hehe.

by the time i left today, my dad was asking all of the right wii questions: where can he get one, how much is it, how hard is it to setup, etc.

so it looks like i might not have to bring the wii home anymore or atleast once my parents get one. :P  it was such a blast seeing them have so much fun and being able to game with them. the last time i had played my dad in video games was back in the atari 2600 era and jungle hunt!

my dad's wii related injury (i see why nintendo has those disclaimers about being away from objects or people!):

my sis and dad bowling on the wii:

my mom playing her first few frames of wii bowling:

i think nintendo might be onto something here.. hmm... :P

check out more of my wii related videos at youtube here: