Monday, December 18, 2006

my wii future thoughts...

you know your a fanboy when you think you've come up with some good ideas for the console.. :-P hehe..  so, i've got a few myself.. these to me can catapult the console into legendary status.

1. give us what we want on the VC, whats with the holding back? seriously, i don't want harrier or tennis, i want Chrono Trigger or Mariokart 64 w/on-line capabilities, or even Mario Allstars w/Super Mario (SNES) or even Dr Mario. why make us wait? we'll buy them no matter what time you release them.

2. mario bowling.. enough said..

3. more mii accessories (obvious one) and easier friendcode system (but prob too late since the infrastructure has been laid w/the releases worldwide).  more use of mii's in games too would be nice and novel (if even just as spectators or whatnot).

4. brand your own nintendo rechargable batteries, an obvious money market pointed out by all.

5. mini games sell, keep them coming! also, get us a good air drum game or more music ones... it just seems made for it at times!

thats about all for now, but so far i must say i applaud the big N for a fun console. by the way, i see an HD upgraded version of the Wii within a 2yr span or less.

production of the wii is so easy and cheap that you would think they are now starting to think about highdef (after the shortage of component cables, that alone is a good sign for them).

just my silly .02..