Saturday, December 02, 2006

random unboxing tips..

well, we've all come across 'that box' or package. the one that no matter what you do you can't open? say, like a wii-mote package? man, i swear the plastic packaging could survive a 500 ft drop.

anywho, i know i hate trying to open them cuz i've almost destroyed my shiny new toys just by trying to get them out of the plastic packaging.  well, back when i was doing some case modding, i bought a tool from home depot, a metal cutter i believe (was modding my Antec Minuet case w/a side panel window).

home depot metal cutter

after getting super frustrated trying to open my headphones i ordered, i decided to try using the metal cutter.  bam! cut the plastic like nothing and did it without risk of wrecking my headphones or injuring myself.

i'd recommend trying it out, they only cost like $5 or so at home depot. save you a lot of pain and frustration (and the cutter isnt' sharp at all)