Monday, January 29, 2007

ebay and youtube vids = great combo and IE7 gripes (whats w/the crappy big monitor support??)

well, i've decided that i'm sick of my current phone (z710i w/w710i firmware) and have thus posted it on ebay..

feel free to bid, knowing its from a great seller, me! hehe... anywho.. thus my quest for my next geek toy. i've been getting more and more curious about the older tablet pc systems, one thats been high in my ebay/online deal search is HP's TX1100.. its a converitable tablet interface, however the tablet itself can be detached and taken and be used as a tablet only (no kb).. so far i've seen some decent deals in the sub $600 range (my sweet spot for toys!), but hope to score one on ebay for a bit cheaper.. we'll see..

however since i was going to sell my phone, i decided what better way for potential buyers to see how the product performs than by embedding some vids of the phone's menu's in action. i know as a phone whore, i love seeing a phone's UI in motion is important to me.. UI is a main decider in my choosing a phone..   so i changed my auction selling form to be HTML and then embedded my youtube vids of the flash menus into the auction. it turned out pretty neat. we'll see if it helps sell my phone or not.. get some youtube hits atleast! haha..

 and finally.. IE7.... whats up w/the crappy formatting for my 24" widescreen running 1920x1200?? why can't pages be centered when in windowed mode??? why can't the page/tables stretch to my 1920px horizontal??? come on!!!! seriously why aren't big monitors taken into account w/xp/vista/ie7??  thats MS's goal or so it seems is to integrate pc and tv and living room, we need some better visibility and text displaying technologies before they'll gain anymore ground.. 

hell if vista is a prob w/my 24" widescreen, image my probs w/my 37" lcd hdtv in my living room? i guess we'll see oncei upgrade my living room pc..

 i'll step off my soapbox now.. peace