Monday, January 08, 2007

hope at last! ATI announced ATI TV Wonder HD Tuner!!!

well, after using Media Center and other PC Based PVR/DVR solutions, i've been extremely dissappointed with all of the cable company dvr boxes.   my SA HD box is pretty sad when it comes to searching, organizing, recording storage.  however, amd/ati is here to the rescue!  They announced the ATI TV Wonder HD for Digital Cable (cablecard compliant).  here's a link to the announcement over at

however, this will of course require you to have Vista to use too, but the cost of vista and the card may in the long run be cheaper than a Tivo Series 3 box (plus, no monthly subscription fees) and gives one much more flexibility.  however, i may have to upgrade my home living room pc to be vista ultimate ed compatible (video card and memory upgrades would be a must).

perhaps we'll see a nice influx of cablecard 2.0 ready pc tuners after CES 2007; supposedly Vista is/was the key to Cable HD TV on the pc.  hopefully the card is sold alone or perhaps bundled w/vista vs being sold in a pre-built systems.

 nonetheless, a step forward and some light at the end of tunnel for us PC HDTV PVR/DVRers