Saturday, January 13, 2007

iPhone thoughts...

well, this last week or so we finally got to see Apple's first true jump into the cellphone market w/their rumor-laden iPhone.

the iPhone boasts some pretty impressive features such as being a widescreen iPod, Mac OS X like interface, widgets on the dashboard, and all in apple smooth/ease of use.  so, will the iPhone be the success that apple and most industry experts expect it to be? or will apple in turn kill its own iPod market w/such a device?

here are some of the features from apple's site on the iPhone (

-iPod music and video player
-iTunes support
-Touchscreen, Widescreen.
-Gesture support.
-Accelerometer detects landscape/portrait aspect automatically
-OS X operating system
-Wifi, BT, GPRS/EDGE wireless connectivity
-Widget support
-2mp camera
-4gb or 8gb flash onboard storage

the iPhone really isn't that breakthrough of a phone/device.  all of the current technology exists in current phones (ie MDA, HTC Wizard, etc) and most run the Windows Mobile 5 OS or Symbian. however, it seems that apple's venture tries to do all of these things in a much more integrated/intuitive way. i know from my personal experience that the Windows Mobile 5 OS is not an easy one to get used to for new users.  it is a bit clunky and slow and does freeze up at times too.  so i give apple props in that i know the device's os and integration of apps will be very clean and smooth and stable.

however, one thing that i do not like is the fact that apple will not allow non-apple applications on it. for the average joe thats prob not a big deal, but for me it is. this reminds me of a phone i used to have, the Sidekick and Sidekick2.  these phones had a similar proprietary OS that was very smooth and clean. they also were one of the first IM/txting targeted phones and did IM/txting very well and also the web.  however, these phones did not allow the user to add any other applications; the only way was to apply for a developers key and then upload them via the HTConsole (which of course i had and loved! fell in love w/some great beta apps like Hipster and Underground Weather).

so that is a minor gripe of mine of the iPhone. another gripe is that i'm a gadget geek/whore and love having the toy that no one has; everyone will have the iPhone.  it will be a huge success, a no brainer.  the hype surrounding the phone for the last 2 years has been crazy in the cell/mobile scene. however, one MAJOR gripe i forgot to originally add was that the fact that the iPhone is a cingular exclusive and in turn those of us not w/cingular may SOL come release day since there has been no mention of an unlocked version!

and finally, is apple shooting itself in the foot by releasing the iPhone? some people think they may be, however i do not agree.  there will always be the iPod only market.  you know apple will update the player w/the iPhone release; who knows, maybe they'll release a 100gb version soon or a widescreen/touchscreen version. plus the iPhone has only 4 or 8gb of memory.

for some reason, apple just can't seem to do any wrong these days.  the iPhone will be a success unlike the infamous ROKR of past and i will prob end up with one on release day given it is unlocked.

and no, i am not an apple fanboy but must give them props when due. i just hope they release the iPhone unlocked to a carrier so we can use it on T-Mobile (i can live w/o the visual voicemail feature that seems to be tied to cingulars network)