Tuesday, January 09, 2007

phew! finally settled in!

well.. after about an hour of good ole copy and pasting (ctrl+c/v-ing), i got all of my older  blogs from my blogger account over here. feel free to peruse if you dare! haha... warning, may contain geeky content...

not sure what my next project is going to be yet. i think vista and the ati tuner are looking pretty possible at the moment (due to my hate of my hd dvr box, arg!).  or maybe it'll be a new phone, hate to say it the iphone concept looks pretty sweet.. (did i say that out loud?), but i'm still planning on waiting until tmobile gets UMTS going before getting another premium phone (might get me a used K790a for the time being).  if anyone has any thing geeky or technological they want to see let me know, i'm always down for a fun challenge or attempt. :)