Friday, January 26, 2007

windvd and vista vs me, round 2: me!

well, i was hoping to finally get my windvd8 working on vista, however i was having a heck of a time w/windvd8 installing.   i kept getting an annoying you need the DirectX Runtime Feb2006.  at first i was afraid of installing the update since i feared it may ruin my vista and its directx10, however after some reading/searching i decided to go ahead.  it turns out the package only updates missing/needed components and leaves newer ones intact. so thus far good to go.

finally got the latest windvd8 trial installed, my build was the vista patched one so now i can finally watch dvds on my vista install again.   i was going to try to use just media player for dvds but the performance was horrible.  windvd8's latest patch/build seems to fix the lag i was seeing in media player and w/my older windvd8 installer.

another note, photoshop cs2 has been running pretty smoothly for me thus far.  i only had one lockup but that was during install.  i've noticed if you get errors when installing xp apps, do the right click on the .exe and choose properties and then go to the Compatibility tab and put a check in the Run for Windows XP SP2.  seems to resolve install problems. 

now if only i had drivers for my ATI HDTV Wonder.  i wonder if i had vista ultimate if i would? i did see a great deal on the Vista Ultimate Ed for only $199 over at  , i'm pretty tempted to get it for when the cable card tuners start coming out. hmmm...

 UPDATE: got my ATI HDTV wonder going finally, had to use my older WinXP drivers and had to install them manually by browsing and then selecting them from the list of Sound Video and Game Controllers.  Then used the ATI DTV Wonder Analog AV Capture Device driver and voila! i see it now, the last device i have to get going is my Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro.Â