Friday, February 23, 2007

hd/memory upgrade, hp soft grip case, and dual booting my tc1100

so yea... me and my dang upgrades.. hehe. anywho.. got a hold of a nice ole wd 80gb hd and threw it in my tc1100. i had a heck of a time getting a few of the screws loose on the hd cage, i swear they painted the screws so it made it hard to get off. arg! after using my 'macgyver'-like skills, i got the cage off and on my new 80gb.

hd cage area

after getting that in, i upgraded my memory to 1.5gb total. i haven't seen much of a boost yet in vista but xp tablet did seem to run quicker.

after creating my partitions, then decided to use my good ole Ghost boot cd and just reimage the drive since i have my already configured XP Tablet Ed 2005 from my image i made (i love disk images, makes life so much easier! hehe) and thought i'd dual boot xp tablet 2005 and vista. makes it easier for when i need pure stability and all of my devices working.  somehow by messing w/my mbr and bootsector, each OS shows up as the C: partition in each's respective OS, crazy eh?

i tell ya.. i'm in love w/my tablet so far.  here's a quick size comparison w/a cd and the latter my Compaq N800c laptop (almost looks like the n800c is about to eat my tc1100)..

tablet size comparison to cd

my tc and n800

i also got my HP Soft Grip case too. i haven't really used it much since i prefer keeping the keyboard on (i still type a ton faster than writing, i like the ability to be able to scribble mind maps and diagrams w/it).  it goes on easy, you have to cut the pc/sd card slot area (very easy, just use a utility knife, i left one end on so its like the other covers). here are a few pics of it.

grip case 1

soft grip case2

next up... getting quicklook to work (didn't work w/any of my 1gb sd cards) in XP and Vista. i'm hoping that if i sync my outlook data in xp (when i can see my sd) and then boot to vista and power down and try running quicklook it will read the sd card (on a bios level it sees the stick). or i hope. :)