Thursday, March 29, 2007

its official, i'm a PS3wii guy.. my Playstation 3...

well, after coming across a heck of a deal on a PS3 over at compusa (closing store, got a nice %15 off on a brand new ps3 60gb!!), i took the plunge and picked one up.

i had to rearrange my whole enterntainment center (not very big, might need a bigger one soon) to fit in the PS3 and also put my dvd player in my room and will use the PS3 for dvd/blu-ray or my PC (need more memory and a vid card for it, ebay should have what i need).   i also had to redo my setup/connections to my hd tv too since i wanted the PS3 to be connected via HDMI and moving my cable hd dvr box over to component.  i did notice a difference in picture quality when using component vs hdmi; hdmi seemed much crisper and defined while component seems to have a softer look.

tonight i hope to get all of my music moved over to the PS3 (have them on a usb hd already).  hopefully my album art is embedded into the songs (which i believe they are now w/media player 10 and up) but we'll see.

thinking of doing the linux install on the PS3 just so i can say i did it; but then again i do have my htpc still in the living room and thus have no real need for a linux box.  we'll see on that. 

now the hard part.. waiting for training to get done and me to get home and get the PS3 up and going..

so yes, i'm now that PS3wii guy.. PS3 screenshots to come!