Friday, March 16, 2007

my HP TC1100, Vista and Origami experience pack

well, as w/the other cult believers in the HP TC1x00 tablet; i upgraded my OS to Vista for almost a month now and finally have gotten my performance/stability issues all worked out!  i decided to redo my setup (only the 6th os setup i've done on my baby.. hehe) and soley run Vista since i prefer its tablet features over XP.  so here's two more tips i've found and tried for my TC1100.

one thing i've always wanted to get working or try to get working was Microsoft's Origami experience pack for Vista.  This addon to Vista is mainly aimed at UMPC machines and in turn if you attempt to install it on a non-UMPC device w/Vista it will of course give us errors. 


After some digging, i ran across a nice article over at  on how to get it to work on a non-UMPC, so lets see if we can get it to work on our TC1100/TC1x00.

--Getting Origami Experience Pack to work on your TC1100/1000 (notes from and and of course my own experience).

First things first, you will need to download the Vista Origami Experience pack from microsoft.  Get it here:

you will need to download it from a PC running a genuine copy of windows.

Next, you will need to get the SDK Installer (we will need to use ORCA to customize the MSI installer file so that it does not check for the screen resolution; the main problem/reason why the Origami pack does not install on non UMPCs is because the installer checks the devices screen size and if it sees anything over 7" it assumes the device is NOT a UMPC).  that can be found over here:

This download is for the windows sdk for vista, again you will need to download from a genuine windows pc . run the setup.exe file you downloaded


when you get to the Installation Options, just uncheck everything except the Win32 Development Tools.


It will just download the setup files to this location: 

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0\Bin

browse to here and run the file called orca.exe, this installs our good ole MSI Editor that we will use to hack the origami msi to bypass the screen check! :)


after you install ORCA, open it up from your start menu.  Once you do, then click on File > Open.

Find the OrigamiExperiencePack.msi file we downloaded.

on the left side, scroll down and click on InstallExecuteSequence and then on the right side click on the LaunchConditions item and then hit the delete button and choose yes to the warning.


Next, we will want to click on the InstallUISequence option on the left and again click on the LaunchConditions option on the right  and hit the delete button and choose yes to the warning.


now just go to File > Save or click the save icon. 

Finally, run the origami msi file we just updated and choose your installation!


After it finishes you should now have some origami options in the start menu.


here are some screenshots of it on my tc1100.  


a note; the origami experience does not fill the full desktop if you run any resolution higher than 800x600; just drop down your rez to 800x600 to get the full effect. :)


--Divx playback in Media Player

this is a super easy one, just go and download the latest Divx build over at , when you go to install just install the Divx Decoder/Codec and you should be able to playback your divx files in Media Player.

 hopefully those tips will help out you other TC1100 lovers that want the origami experience. peace