Friday, March 30, 2007

my PS3 and gamerid..

 well, after compusa finally added a 15% off to its PS3 it had (store was closing) i broke down and got me one. hell, almost $100 off a new retail PS3, who can really say no? 


so, i got home from work last night and setup the PS3.  setup w/cables was a cinch since i used HDMI from the PS3 to my TV and just had to hook up the power.  setting up the online seemed to take forever since there is like 20 some steps to go through, but nonetheless i was able to finish and secure my classic gamerid:  seamonkey420, feel free to add me as a friend! 

i also updated to firmware v1.6 since the PS3 i got must have been one they had since launch.  the update did seem to take a while to download. 

graphically, wow! motostorm looks great but sadly the game itself is pretty disappointing.  i plan to trade it in today for Need for Speed (my pal has that, figure atleast then i can race him online).   also popped in a blu-ray movie, Behind Enemy Lines, and it looked very nice.  it may be hard to go back to DVDs but i have to do more comparisons today.  sound did not play back in full dolby but that was fixed by me hooking up my receiver using an optical digital cable and changing a few settings on the PS3 to output DTS and Dolby Digital.

so yes, the PS3 is a powerhouse and graphics are excellent.  the games on so-so but that is to be expected of a launch system.  i'll post more info/tips/tricks later tonight.  oh yea, i'm a true SonyNintendo boy now too! :)