Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blu-Ray/HD DVD Movies = not always fullscreen (argh letterboxing!!)

i admit it. i still consider myself to be a newb in regards to HD and the nextgen movie formats (bluray, hd dvd).  however, as a newb to the HD realm, i always thought that w/the nextgen movie formats that letterboxing would be a thing of the past. 

Boy was i wrong!  after getting a few blu-ray movies via netflix and borrowing a few from my pal; i noticed the infamous black bars above and below the movie.  it seems there are three main aspect ratios used in blu-ray and hd dvd movies.  (info gathered from: )

1) Academy (1.37 wide)
2) Flat Widescreen (1.66-1.85 wide)
3) Anamorphic "Scope"/70mm Widescreen (2.00-2.75 wide)

if a movie has the #2 aspect ratio, it will be fullscreen.  if its #1 or #3, you will see the blackbars.  so hopefully that will help others out that are perplexed by this.  those guys over at sure do know their blu-ray! head over there and check out their forums, some pretty tech savy av guys i'd say!

thats about all for now.