Sunday, April 29, 2007

creative notions; wallpapers and my pals modded wii

this weekend i decided to go back and visit the parents out on the farm. had a great peaceful and unplugged weekend. unplugged meaning no internet, cellphone, or text messaging (still had my tablet pc and all but no web, hehe). i feel so lucky to be able to go back to my parent's farm to relax and unwind. its such a stark contrast to my usual daily techno life in minneapolis, mn.

(however sega never seemed to deliver after the ole genesis... just a poster i still have hanging in my old bedroom at my parents house.. hehe)

also thought i'd share a taste of what its like where i grew up on the farm w/this youtube clip i made (ignore my hickish kid rock music.. hehe).

also visited my pal jc and checked out his new 65" DLP HDTV, so purty! he also modded his Wii and added a modchip, here's a vid of it running a backup copy of his madden 07. darn it, now i just may have to go out and get a chip and work on the soldering skillz. :P

and wiikey running on his modded wii:

also got a few good pics of some sunsets, i usually post a ton of widescreen wallpapers over at ( ). here are my latest two from the weekend

Civic Skyset Reflection by ~seamonkey420 on deviantART

Sunset in a puddle by ~seamonkey420 on deviantART

(if vids don't work, check back in a few. just uploaded to youtube)