Tuesday, April 17, 2007

HP TC1100, Vista, and Bluetooth problems and fix!

well, i've been running vista for a while now w/my TC1100.  up till now i've been using the bluetooth to mainly tether my work phone to my tc1100 for good ole evdo browsing on the train/commute.  however, i just recently purchased a Plantronics 510 Voyager BT Headset and thought i'd pair it w/my tc1100 and try using it for voice commands (built into vista).

so paired it fine but after pairing it i kept getting a "New Hardware" found popup for two items, the headset and audio gateway bt profiles.  i tried to initially point the new hardware wizard to look at my C:\swsetup\ folder for the drivers since thats the default folder that any HP softpaqs install to but did not find anything.

so i did some searching on the web and found out that w/Vista RTM and retail that MS removed the bluetooth profiles from the OS and relies on getting them from the Bluetooth dongle/stack/module maker, in my case HP.  i then tried to use different makers BT drivers in hope of getting the profiles too but in the end caused my BT to not work and also a few BSOD in Vista.

after more searching and full removal of any bt drivers i used in my testing, i stumbled upon an awesome guide on hacking in the WIDCOMM BT drivers w/profiles into Vista.  Here's a link to the howto (i'd rate it a medium on skills required, familiarity w/device manager and drivers is helpful):


i used his method and now am able to connect my BT Headset w/my tc1100 and have been using it w/speech recognition thats built into Vista.  so far seems to work pretty good.  i also have hacked my registry to allow me to map Speech Recognition Off/On to the email key. 

btw, the process explained in the above link gives you the following BT profiles:

HID, PIM Sync, BT Headset, Audio Gateway, Fax, File Transfer, PAN, serial ports, and bt modem profiles; basically profiles for any BT device/service. :)

hope that helps you TC1100 users on Vista finally getting their BT toys to play nicely.