Friday, April 06, 2007

me and my ps3 woes.. :(

well.... i've had my PS3 for about a week now and have some definite feedback about my PS3 experience thus far (some goods, a few bads, and more annoyings)

Goods:  Amazing graphics, beautiful Blu-Ray movies, great sound.  Linux can be installed, not a bad sized HDD.

Bads:  Games? hello, when are they coming out?? Price (even though i scored mine for $500).  Power consumption.  FREEZING UP OF THE PS3!!!

Annoyings: FREEZING/Locking up of my PS3 randomly.  Not able to save NDFS:Carbon gamesaves to a SD card.  Background Downloading isn't really background downloading (does not download when watching a movie, playing game offline, etc).  Searching for music is impossible.

So.... here's my PS3 story so far...

as most know, i got my Wii on launch and really had no interest in the PS3 due to its super high price and lack of innovation (besides awesome graphics, nothing really that new).  however after finding a great deal and my pal urging me to get one and seeing the upcoming game lineups for 2007, i decided it was time to get me one.

i got the 60GB version, an extra controller, the blu-ray remote, and 3 games.  i hooked it up to my HDTV via HDMI (max output of 1080i on my Olevia) and have sound going to my receiver via Optical Digital (instead of HDMI audio). 

the first thing i did was updated the firmware to v1.60 (since it enables background downloading and adds more video formats).  i then went ahead and installed Yellowdog Linux and shortly after removed linux (yea, its cool to say you have linux on your PS3 but really what am i going to use it for? plus, i'd rather have the extra 10gb of storage for trailers, demos, etc).

however, most recenly i've noticed a few disturbing trends w/my PS3. the most annoying/discouraging being that my PS3 has started freezing up almost on a daily basis.  the lockups will occur randomly; sometimes when on the XMB, while exiting a blu-ray movie, or while loading a game.  last night, i decided to go and get 3 demos (GT, Armored Core, and MLB) and downloaded them overnight.  however this morning after downloading the demos and 2 trailers, my PS3 locked up 4 times in a row.  the first time it locked up when i tried to play the movie trailer for Stardust, it started the video but then went to a blank screen and i was unable to get to any menus or even exit the video. ok, no biggie, maybe a corrupted video.    after warm rebooting the PS3, i browsed to my Games on the XMB and when i paused on my Blast Factor demo, my PS3 locked up again.  This time though i had to do a full cold reboot (turn off power switch, unplug from AC).

at this point, i started to get very worried and annoyed.  when you pay over $500 for a gaming system, you do not expect it to lock up.  especially considering that my Wii has only locked up twice and that was after playing it for over 10 hours straight.

so after getting a bit freaked out, i decided that maybe my probs will be resolved by doing a complete full format of the hdd.  before doing the format, i deleted all of my music, pictures, movies, and game demos.  i then did a backup of my game saves and proceeded to do a full HD format (allocating all space to the PS3, no linux partiton for me since again its pointless imo).  tonight i'll check to see if this has helped or not. 

if my lockups continue, lets just say that you don't want to work for Sony's Tech/Customer support because i will have an earful for them.  maybe i'll record the call and post it up.

btw, my PS3 is NOT OVERHEATING, i've checked the heat and also have it in a nicely ventilated area. however  i have heard of other users w/similar lockups that only started happening after the v1.60 update (yet my pal's PS3 has not locked up on him ever).

updates will be added...