Saturday, April 21, 2007

my 'now-gen' gaming thoughts on the ps3, wii

well, i'm a PS3wii guy. i got my Wii on launch (i laugh at all who assumed they could get one whenever they wanted after launch.. haha!). i got my PS3 about less than a month ago. after playing both and using them to their abilities:

Wii: browsing web, mii exchanging, adding friends, adding music/photos/video to sd cards, gaming, virtual console purchases, etc

PS3: installed yellowdog linux, added music/video/photos, web browsing, PSN setup, adding friends, gaming, blu-ray, remote play w/my psp, etc

i've decided i' give my thoughts on what i liked, hated, and want from the now-gen consoles. so here we go (remember, as much as it may sound like i'm dogging the ps3 and wii, i'm not. just some constructive criticism, hehe. x360 lovers are lucky i don't have one or else their machine may be the next victim!)

first, Nintendo, i love the wii's innovation; seriously no one expected such a great appeal to so many different ages/demographics (good use of the blue ocean strategy!). however, the pricing on Virtual Console games are a bit steep and like most who grew up in the Nintendo-gen era, i really don't even play the games but download due to nostalgia. and what the hell is up with your weak selection??? again, its not like the good classics won't ever sell. Hello, Mario All-stars (snes)???? Tetris 2 (snes)??? FFIII? Dr Mario?? i for one do not plan on purchasing anymore VC titles since: 1. i have them already in rom form or original cartridge 2. there is no reason besides the nostalgia of them, no enhancements, on-line play or on-line ranking even. so i will be saving my treasured wii points for 'true' classics that i prob will not ever play besides after downloading it.

PS3, you don't get off that easy either! pricing for PSone games is a bit more reasonable since it is comparable to a N64 title but Sony, your selection also sucks!! where's Gran Turismo 1 or 2? Tony Hawk? XMEN vs Street Fighter? Parappa the Rappa? where are they (besides on my homebrewed PSP via Popstation4)? why release crap to us, why not give us what we want? we'll buy it today and w/the lack of games currently we'd buy it the instant they were released. (yes, i understand the licensing factor but these are OLD titles and double money).

PS3 and Wii, where are the games? i've now spent over $1,000 on two consoles but am starting to get bored with them because there are no games worth buying. has anyone checked out the PS3 planned release sheet lately? yea, pretty weak indeed. its hard to sell a system that doesn't have any good games or hell even good Blu-Ray titles. Where is the Matrix series? LOTR? you know, the movies that would be worth watching in HD. seriously, who the hell wants to watch a movie from 1960 in HD? i for one could care less, i want my uber cool SciFi/Action flicks. the game i play the most for my wii is of course the same game that came w/the system: Wii Sports. however the third party support seems to be ramping up w/the surprise success of the wii and ps3 support seems to be goood and getting much more positive pr lately (saying that if games were made on the ps3 and ported to the x360, the graphics would be identical).

Sony, here is what i want from my PS3 experience. I want the XMB to be available in-game/anywhere. You claim it to be not just a gaming console but an entertainment hub but yet i can't listen to my own music in games (while my pc sure does w/o probs). I want playlist/queue abilities w/my music (sure is a pretty sad media player for a console you claim to be an 'entertainment hub'). Also, give us the abilities to have subfolder hierarchy in Photos and Music and Video. Also, how about the ability to search my music on the PS3? i have over 3,000 songs on my PS3's harddrive and hate trying to find a song since i have to scroll through the whole damn list. Let us use our USB keyboards for this or take use of the Bluetooth remote non-used buttons for this!

oh yea, sony fix the stupid input keyboard and the cursor indicator. its impossible to see where it is at from the couch; remember we are not at a pc and sitting inches from our monitors, we're on our couches slouching!
Nintendo, well, you are safe here since i don't use my Wii as a media hub and you don't claim it to be one. safe for now. :)

Oh yea, one final thing. PS3, screw the Sixaxis controls. I would prefer having rumble anyday over some crummy implementation of motion sensing, especially when its a normal controller w/motion sensing farked in. when i sit on my couch and play my PS3, i don't want to move around. i want to just use the controller like it has traditionally been used, thats why i bought a PS3 for; traditional gaming w/much better sound/graphics and to replace my HTPC for music/video playback.

And now to the good things about them and these do outweigh the bads imo.

PS3, raw power i tell ya. graphics for games in HD (1080i for me atleast) just baffle me. yes, NFS: Carbon is really just a port but man, it looks great and the same for NBA2K7 and of course resistance. i love your visual player; its really the best visualization plugin i've seen since Geiss back in the win98 days. PCs don't even have that many good visualizer plugins for music but yours are pretty sweet! also using my ps3 for music/video vs my old way with a htpc and prefer the ps3 way. sound is much cleaner and easier setup too (now i just need to up my hdd in the ps3 to a 160gb, saw one for $125 and have been tempted.. hmmm). the fact that the ps3 is a cheap (pricewise) and good bluray player is very nice too; i admit that i will probably end up buying my fave movies in bluray (given the conversion to hd is good and fullscreen aspect ratios). plus, the future (ie late 07, 08) looks pretty good w/FFXIII, Metal Gear, Skate, Heavenly Sword on the horizon. plus, developers will prob understand the whole cell processor and ps3 quirks to really get some pretty and amazing games out. and of course this fall we get a Home, which is sony's online community for us PS3 owners; i hope to get on the beta but we'll see if that happens.

Wii, your just so much fun when my friends are around! i love wii sports and i love seeing my dad kick my ass in bowling or my mom and dad play wii sports for 5 hours straight. all of the Nintendo titles are solid games and of course showcase the wii's control schemes. the next mario should be amazing when it comes out in late 07, perhaps early 08 and don't forget about Metroid Prime or Super Smash Brothers and add on top of that the ramping up of third party support; games should not be a prob soon. the wii's browser is prob the best browser i've used in my living room or on my TV. the wiimote is made for navigating and pointing.

so all in all, i'm happy with my consoles. yes, there is definite shortage of good PS3 titles and Wii titles but time will fix that. i just wish that Sony and Nintendo would give us gamers some of things we wanted, but who knows maybe they'll surprise us. plus it is spring so i should get my lazy geek ass off the couch and outside! perhaps i'll see if can finally get down a kickflip on my skateboard. hmmm.