Wednesday, April 18, 2007

PS3 firmware update v1.70 available now!

well, was just messing around on the PS3 tonight and noticed when i got done watching A Scanner Darkly, that i was not logged into the PSN.  

after trying to connect i received a message saying that a system update was available, went to the update section and noticed that v1.70 firmware being out!

hmm. this one sure sneaked in under the radar, no sites i could see knew or saw this update. i wonder if this update will resolve the problems that some were having after updating to v1.60 and system freezing problems (ie my own).

a quick jump over to the site but i see no mention of what changes are in v1.70 or any hints that it is even out. hmm.. (

i'll post some vids and comments on what i see.  maybe we'll get our XMB wishes!! (  :P

links/embedded video after my update completes and youtube uploads are finished!

update: headed over to and found out the updates.

i guess the update allows PS3 owners to play the games on their PS3 they download (ie PSone games) , saved data will be transfered to PSP from PS3, and vibration features added for PS and PS2 connected accessories (ie dual shock controller via usb, etc).  now i wonder if my own homebrewed PSone games will work. i'll let ya know after the update.