Tuesday, May 22, 2007

apple's iphone.. will it be worth the money? (opinion)

are you going to go and snatch up Apple's iPhone once its released this summer?  as a phone geek, i am losing interest as each day goes by.  yes, Apple's UI will be very easy to use and very clean looking.  yes, its nice having the iPod features and the touchscreen/gestures.  yes, it will probably be a very stable OS/phone and has a nice amount of onboard memory.  it will prob be the best if not one of the best music/video phones in 07; however i still love my walkman phones though. 

however, these good points don't do it for me and here's why:

i have tmobile and do not plan on buying out my contract (ie paying the early termination fee of $100+).   the rumored cost of the phone ($499/$599) combined w/the required 2 year contract and appropriate data plans (which i believe you have to sign up for 2 years for the data plan, i may be wrong on this) is just too much for a phone who's features are not that breakthrough.   plus, i've already have played this game before when i got my HDTV (cost of tv, cable+dvr, etc)

all the features that the iPhone claims either have been implemented in WM5/WM6, Symbian, or proprietary phone OS (ie Sony Ericsson's UI for walkman phones or LG and Motos music phones).  it does seem that the iPhone does a much better job of integrating them into the OS and making them easy to use.  however, if you really need a smartphone, you should be smarter than it and learn how to use the OS. Windows Mobile is not that hard of an OS to learn to use, rather the quirks can be annoying at times but they are easily fixed by reading up on a few forums and working around them.

another gripe is that you are will be limited using only apps that apple has created and nothing by third party's or your geek-in-their-room apps (usually some of the best ones! again this may change in time).  plus, the people that can afford the phone and plan usually want to have their work email go to it; outlook/exchange users seem out of luck (hard to write it off on the company too since it can't do the work email thing).  also, i like to be able to customize my devices a ton, especially when it comes down to the OS level of things.  i do not see really this ability w/the iPhone (ie WM5, registry hacking; dll hacking, rom customization/ext rom).

and finally, i hate iTunes and well, thats what you really need to use for syncing the iPhone.  i believe there are some ipod plugins for media player but i'd have to read up more on that.  i'm a windows media player fan these days (so that prob makes about 7 of us total. hehe) and prefer to use it over most other programs for syncing my music/vids/pics.  i like how it can handle memory cards so well but loathe the lack of being able to pick which folder to sync to (defaults to either music folder or the root of the memory stick or device; which is not a bad thing since most players will read a MUSIC folder on a device or use it, ie PS3, PSP, my crappy sd mp3 player but would be nice for those devices that don't use that type of folder system). 

so no.. like the ipod, i will probably pass on Apple's iPhone. it will be a sweet phone but the costs for what you get overall (not just the cost of the phone alone but the services/fees that come with it) are not worth it imo.  the iPhone will help the phone market though.  it will definitely raise the bar on UI side of things and innovation.  i plan to buy a HTC WM6 phone or any good WM6 iPhone-killers since sadly i will be using it for work too and use outlook at home and work and like to have all of my cool apps and rom customizations.

however, if someone were to send me an unlocked iPhone; lets just say i wouldn't send it back..  ;)  hehe.. 

btw, is the iPhone the next 'sidekick' that all the 'trendy' and 'hip' kids/adults will have? i think it will and then some; but the exclusive carrier deal and overall price may come into play.  i guess we'll see soon!