Saturday, May 19, 2007

consipiracy theories and the likes

well, i admit it.  as a kid and young adult, i was totally into the whole 'conspiracy theory' stuff.  that 'big brother' was covering up the facts and controlling the flow of media/news. 

area 51, roswell, space program were a few of my faves to speculate on and read up on.  i remember as a kid scouring the library and then the early web for anything related to area 51.  most of the sites that i found back then were made up by fellow conspiracy theorists and for the most part presented very logically driven theories/arguments.  the military and government have admitted the existence of area 51 and that it was a highly secrective test base; mainly aircraft testing.  i believe the F117 Nighthawk and SR-71 blackbird were fully tested here since it did have one of the world's largest runways.  

a lot of the theories back in the day revolved around area 51 and ufos.  mainly reverse engineering of ufo/alien technology and then the testing of it and the disappearing of people who found out what was going and of course the black helicopters.  some people believed that the e.t.'s from the roswell incident were brought to area 51 along w/their craft and dissected.  of course, all of this was covered up by the government/military.  i used to think that the technology used in the SR-71 blackbird were based on data from an alien spacecraft (btw, has anyone ever really read up on the SR-71 Blackbird plane?  this plane was an amazing piece of recon hardware that has yet to really be surpassed today and its over 49 years since its birth. too bad they retired it in 1999)

even though i knew that most if not all of the theories were probably 'urban legeneds' and not true; it was always fun speculating.  the scary thing is that some of them seem plausible and believable.  i personally believe that its a pretty obvious fact that we are not alone in this universe.  thinking that we are the only 'intelligent' life seems to be almost ignorant. i love this pic taken by the hubble telescope to back my 'we are not alone' cause. 

so.. anyone else ever or still into conspiracy theories? Â