Thursday, May 24, 2007

PS3, hdmi and digital optical audio at same time; figured out!!!

well, one of my previous blogs about my PS3 mentioned how i was able to get HDMI and Digital Optical output at the same time and then how i wasn't able to duplicate it. well, i think i have finally figured it out and mastered audio out on my PS3! hehe..

first things first, my setup.

  • Olevia 237V LCD HDTV (1080i) connected to PS3 via HDMI cable only (no other audio cables from ps3 to tv)

  • standard run of the mill Sony 5.1/DTS AV receiver connected to PS3 via Digital Optical Cable

  • PS3 set to output all formats to Digital Optical (aac,dts,dolby,pcm). Movie/BD audio set to Bitstream.

what i've found out, atleast in my case, is that its the order in which i turn on my devices and how i turn off my ps3.

whenever i power off my PS3 when watching a movie (just have movie playing, hold PS button, turn off system) and then if i turn on my setup in this order i get both HDMI and Digital Optical sound on my PS3.

  1. PS3

  2. TV

  3. Receiver

it almost seems like by doing this tricks the PS3 in its digital/drm rules of audio output.

i have now duplicated this 5 times in a row.. however, i do have to do the exact steps above to get it to work including power down the ps3 while in a movie/dvd.

also, this works ONLY with DVD movies, not Blu-ray movies

my youtube clip of it in action!